Workers’ compensation - general information


Workplace accident, what do I do first?

Report the injury!

If you are injured while working, report it to your immediate supervisor. If they do not know what to do, continue moving up the chain of command until you find someone that does. If no one knows what to do: Contact Us immediately.

"Reporting" the injury (giving notice) is simple: tell your supervisor you were injured while working, what happened, and where it happened. The sooner the better.

I reported my workplace accident, now what?

Your employer informs their insurance carrier. 

If after three days you cannot return to work because of the injury, one of three things must happen:

  • Employer begins paying you a portion of your weekly income, "TTD" see below

  • Employer gives you a written explanation of additional information they need before "TTD" payments will begin

  • Employer gives you a written explanation of why they are denying you benefits. Contact Us immediately.

If after three days you cannot return to work, your employer must submit an Employer's First Report of Injury form ("Form 45") to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission within one month after the accident.

My employer fired me after I filed a workplace injury claim.

It is illegal for an employer to harass or fire you for reporting an injury or filing a claim. If you feel you have been harassed, let go, or discriminated in any way, Contact Us. Do not let your employer get away with illegal behavior.



General Overview of Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation

A system of benefits provided to employees who are injured while on the job - regardless of fault (generally).


The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission is a special judicial system set up to oversee workers' compensation cases. 

Who Is Covered?

Generally, any employee who is injured while on the job. This is true even if it is the first minute of the first day of work.

What Injuries Are Covered?

With exceptions, any injury suffered as a result of work.

What Benefits are provided?

  1. Reasonable medical care.

  2. Temporary Partial Disability (TPD): temporary payments for an employee who can return to work on light-duty while healing, but is making less than his/her previous position.

  3. Temporary Total Disability (TTD): temporary payments for an employee who is unable to work while healing. 

  4. Vocational training if the employee is permanently unable to return to his former job.

  5. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): lump sum payment for an employee who suffers a permanent injury, but can return to some form of work. 

  6. Permanent Total Disability (PTD): weekly payments for an employee who is rendered unable to return to work, for life. 

  7. Death benefits for surviving family members if employee is killed.