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workers' compensation calculations


Temporary Total Disability

Use the calculator below to determine your Average Weekly Wage ("AWW") and Total Temporary Disability ("TTD"). Be sure the dollar figure you enter is your wage before taxes. Next, use the information in the sections below to determine if your TTD is subject to a minimum or maximum amount based on Illinois law.



Maximum Temporary Total Disability

Your temporary disability check is subject to certain maximums. Find the corresponding date ranges for the day of your accident to determine your TTD maximum. Note, your TTD check will not be greater than this amount. You can check all dates and figures here.

  • 7/15/15 thru 1/14/16

    • $1,379.73

  • 1/15/16 thru 7/14/16

    • $1,398.23

  • 7/15/16 thru 1/14/17

    • $1,428.74

  • 1/15/17 thru 7/14/17

    • $1,435.17

  • 7/15/17 thru 1/14/18

    • $1,440.60

  • 1/15/18 thru 7/14/18

    • $1,463.80

  • 7/15/18 thru 1/14/19

    • $1,480.12

  • 1/15/19 thru 7/14/19

    • $1,506.81

  • 7/15/19 thru 1/14/20

    • $1,529.84


Minimum Temporary Total Disability

Your temporary disability check is also subject to certain minimums based on the number of dependents you claim. The date of your accident is not a factor. 

Important: if your AWW is less than the corresponding number below, you will receive the amount of your wage. The lower number controls.

Number of Dependents Including Spouse:

  • 0 Dependents

    • $220

  • 1 Dependent

    • $253

  • 2 Dependents

    • $286

  • 3 Dependents

    • $319

  • 4+ Dependents

    • $330


How Much Is My Injury Worth?

Workers' Compensation injuries are calculated using a combination of injury type, its severity, and your Average Weekly Wage (plus a few addition factors). For these reasons it is difficult to create a calculator like the ones found elsewhere on this site. Don't worry, I am working on it!. Until then, if you would like to know more use the contact information below, or fill out a Contact Me form. You can also check out my Blog for various articles relating to workers' compensation.