Useful Links For Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Below is a collection of useful links for lawyers, legal professionals, and anyone with legal related needs. Some of the links are personal injury and workers' compensation specific. The rest should be useful to anyone in the legal professional.

Please note: some of these sites do not utilize https security protocols.


My Top 5

Google Maps With County Lines

An incredibly useful site for determining in what county an address is located. Use this to help decide where to file suit and what sheriff will need to perform service of summons.

Search For Illinois Public Records

Very reasonably priced record lookup site - criminal, real estate, probate, evictions, and more.


Remote court appearance platform. Most appearances cost $65.00 and save you the trouble of driving to out of the way counties.

Illinois Corporate Certificate Of Good Standing Lookup

Useful for determining who to properly sue when a corporation is involved and where to serve the registered agent.

Free Carrier Lookup

Helpful in determining the carrier for cell phone numbers when you need to subpoena records.



  1. Cook County

  2. i2file - the rest of Illinois

  3. eFileIL - another filing site for greater Illinois


Case Look Up By County

  1. Cook

  2. DuPage

  3. Kane

  4. Lake

  5. McHenry

  6. Will


Sheriff Websites By County (service of process fees)

  1. Cook - service of process lookup

  2. Cook - cost and mailing address

  3. DuPage

  4. Kane

  5. Lake

  6. McHenry

  7. Will


Workers' Compensation Links

  1. Case Lookup

  2. IWCC Decisions - requires subscription

  3. IWCC Handbook

  4. IWCC Arbitrator Contact Information


Want More Tips?

Use the links at the bottom of this page to call, text, or email me your questions. Filing complaints, using process servers, spindling motions...I can give you tips and tricks to save time and reduce unecessary headaches.