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(1) Getting A Fair Settlement

Insurance companies will try and settle your case for 10% or less of its true value.

(11) Keeping You Out Of Medical Bill Debt Collection

Your health insurance will often deny coverage.

The at-fault insurance company will not pay your medical bills while you are treating.

Hospitals and providers will send your bills to collections within 90 days of treatment (the average post accident ER visit is almost $10,000). Without guidance, you will likely end up in collections.


(1) Getting You A Fair Settlement

Our firm has over 30 years of collective experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Having independently researched settlement and jury verdicts in Illinois, I will determine the value of your case and ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

(II) Keeping You Out Of Collections

I will work with you, your insurance companies, and your healthcare providers to keep your bills out of collections—do not let hospital bills ruin your credit

After a settlement or jury verdict, I will negotiate down your outstanding bills, so that you keep as much of your settlement as possible.



How it works


(1) Free In-Home Consultation

Whether you have been injured at work (workers' compensation) or as the result of someone else's negligence (personal injury), I will meet with you anytime to discuss your case. In my office or in your home, Sunday-Monday, it is entirely up to you.


(2) Contingency-Fee Payment Structure

If hired, I work on contingency. This means (1) I only get paid if I win your case and (2) all up front expenses are covered by my firm and only repaid if I win. In short, litigation costs you nothing unless I win.


(3) Post Injury Treatment Guidance

After an accident, you will encounter at least one of the following: 

(1) One or all of your healthcare providers will refuse to bill your health insurance company.

(2) If billed, your health insurance company will deny coverage.

(3) Providers (especially hospitals) will demand payment for services rendered within 90 days of treatment regardless of whether you are still treating. Any unpaid bills are sent to collections. 

Having dealt with these situations and more, I will work with you to keep your providers happy and your outstanding bills out of collections. Once your bills are placed with collections, the damage is done. Do not wait to speak with an attorney. Protect your credit.


(4) Pre-Litigation Settlement (Personal Injury)

Fun fact, 95% of personal injury cases settle. After you are done with treatment, I will negotiate with the at-fault insurance company to settle your claim.


(5) Litigation (Personal Injury)

More and more, insurance companies refuse to be reasonable. Should this occur, I will file a lawsuit on your behalf and work towards obtaining either a settlement or jury verdict.


(6) Bill & Lien Reduction

After reaching a settlement or winning a jury verdict, there are always healthcare providers and insurance companies that need to be paid/paid back. Utilizing whatever legal means necessary, I will negotiate down any outstanding amounts, keeping more money in your pocket.


(7) Workers' Compensation

Without representation, insurance companies will reduce or deny the benefits you are owed. From day 1, I demand insurance companies provide you with all necessary medical treatment and all temporary disability benefits. After you reach maximum medical improvement, I will work with your doctors to get you permanent disability payments with possible lump-sum payment options. 





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By now you should be justifiably concerned about your ability to handle a personal injury or workers' compensation claim on your own. Insurance companies and health providers will not protect your interests. The earlier I get involved, the stronger the chances you will come out ahead. Even if your case is ultimately too small to justify hiring legal counsel, I will provide you with the tools to handle it on your own.

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